Amazing Pilgrimage

A Pilgrimage walk for the common good.

Amazing Pilgrimage Walk 2019

Find more about the six wonderful venues you will be visiting during the Amazing Grace Pilgrimage Walk.
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Christ the Cornerstone

At the church five denominations (Baptist Union/ Church of England/ Methodist Church/ Roman Catholic church) work together, sharing the same space and a commitment to serve. .

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St Peter & St Paul's

The Parish Church is a Grade 1 listed building. When Fulk Pagnell and his wife Beatrix gave Newport Pagnell Parish Church to the monks at St. Mary's Priory at Tickford. .

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St Laud's Sherington

Sherington has the only Church in England known to be dedicated to Saint Laud (St. Lo). In France there is a town of St. Lo in Brittany which was badly. .

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Riverside Meadow

Set in 200 acres of mature unspoilt parkland , you can enjoy wildlife, lakeside walks, play areas and camping all in a family friendly setting. .

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Big Olney Food Festival

In 2019 it is the weekend of the 14th & 15th September, breaking news is that local band Error404 are confirmed as the headline act on the Saturday evening. .

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Olney Museum

Visit the house in Olney where one of England's favourite poets William Cowper lived for twenty years, and imagine domestic life as he experienced it in late-Georgian times. .

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St Peter & St Paul, John Newton & William Cowper's Church

Our fine 14th Century Church and famous spire are the first thing you will see approaching Olney from the South (Newport Pagnell). We are an Anglican Parish in the deanery. .

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On the Day

The Amazing Pilgrimage Walk Event

Central Milton Keynes

8:00am: Christ the Cornerstone church in Central Milton Keynes.

8:00 to 8:15am Adrian Boynton will play a medley of the Olney hymns in the main hall inside the church.

8:15am Revd George Mawaura will lead a short introduction to the event. Definition: “A Pilgrimage is not a walk, it is a spiritual journey...” All walkers will be given an event wristband (see photo) and be recorded as taking part.

8:25am We hope to have Amazing Grace sung in a Kenyan language before setting off. Possible appearance by Mayor of Milton Keynes. Toilet facilities are available in the church. There is ample standard parking to the side of the church which is not free however. Alternatively, people can be dropped off in front of the Cornerstone. Walk speed is assumed to be 3 miles an hour.

8:30am Start (Total distance 11miles). Walking in an orderly fashion from Central Milton Keynes to the Milton Keynes Rose (@0.75miles, 20minutes walk). At the Milton Keynes Rose there will be a short address from one of the Rose trustees explaining the background and the purpose of this unusual art/sculptural installation.

9:00am Milton Keynes Rose to Willen Pavilion (@2.6miles, 30minutes walk). Drinks will be available plus toilet facility.

9:35am Willen Pavilion to St Peter and St Pauls Church Newport Pagnell (@5.2miles, 50minutes walk).

Newport Pagnell

The normal Sunday Family Communion Service starts at 9:30am and is followed by tea and coffee.

10:30 The Pilgrimage Walk should be arriving around this time. Stop for meet and greet around the church. Possible brief address about history of church in the English Civil War from Revd Nick Pope. Possible ringing of Church Bells when walkers arrive in Newport. Toilet facilities are available in the church. Induction of people who have chosen the 5.7mile walk option to start from Newport Pagnell.

10:50 Newport Pagnell to St Laud’s Church, Sherington (@7.4miles, 45minutes walk).


9:30 There is a service starting or 45 minutes. We hope to twin a Milton Keynes community from the Lakes Estate with Sherington for a joint event prior to the arrival of the walkers.

11:35 The Pilgrimage Walk should be arriving around this time. Music from African Drumming Band Nikiru Arts will be performed either in the churchyard (good weather) or in the church (bad weather). Adrian Boynton will play some musical pieces on the St Laud’s church organ. Drinks and cakes should be available. Toilet facilities are available in the church. Induction of people who have chosen the 3.8mile walk option to start from Sherrington.

12:00 Depart Sherington to Emberton Country Park. (3.8 miles, 1 hour 25 minutes). Passing through a scenic area and public footpath which includes “Contemplation corner” which should contain a small feature provided by WorldVision.


1:30pm The Pilgrimage walk will arrive at the Riverside Meadow at Emberton Country Park at around this time.

There will be 2 marquees where you can meet members of all 4 charities the event is supporting and talk to them. Music will be provided by the Milton Keynes Salvation Army Brass Band and also Nikiru Arts. A transitioning area informing people of the events going on in Olney. Drinks available, and a pop up “Cowper creperie” serving fresh famous Olney pancakes (free to people completing walk) and displaying some of Cowper’s poetry! "Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour. "A significant number of Portaloo toilets will be provided.

Market Square pedestrianised. World food available at very reasonable prices through the BOFF Big Olney food Festival (we are working together with this event). Music will be performed on the music stage in Olney. Cowper and Newton museum will be open on the Sunday. If you have your event wristband you should get free entry. However donations can also be made to the museum which is a charity and staffed by volunteers.

St Peter and St Paul’s church. Contains grave of John Newton, pulpit from which he preached (may be replica), and John Newton Stained Glass window. Venue for Concluding service.

3:00pm St Peter and St Paul’s church, Olney The musical centrepiece of the event and concluding Amazing Grace Pilgrimage service. This will include a new interpretation of an Olney hymn, original music by Adrian Boynton, plus singing by the Choir of Cornerstone Church. Matt Wenham of WorldVision will give a short address. There will be a mass singing of the hymn Amazing Grace. Time will be approx. 45 minutes.

Minibuses will provide a means for walkers to return to their point of origin at Milton Keynes, Newport or Sherington.

When joining the Pilgrimage Walk please get your name checked off if you have registered and get an event wristband. This should get you access to various free items on the day.
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