Amazing Pilgrimage

A Pilgrimage walk for the common good.

The Church of Christ the Cornerstone

At the Church of Christ the Cornerstone five denominations (Baptist Union/ Church of England/ Methodist Church/ Roman Catholic church) work together, sharing the same space and a commitment to serve the people of Milton Keynes. It is a diverse community discovering and growing in the Christian faith. We experience God’s love and are challenged to live that love and share it with the wider community.

The Church is in central Milton Keynes. It is a beautiful building that was designed with great attention to every aspect of it. The symbolism present in the Worship Area has been rediscovered, to an extent, while looking at archive material. The building was opened in 1992 and is used for worship every day of the week and for a whole range of other activities.

The Amazing Pilgrimage 15/9/2019 First Start Point

On the Day of the Pilgrimage

Gathering outside the Church at 8:30am on Sunday morning 15th September 2019. There may be some music inside the Church. All walkers will be pre-registered and sign in prior to the start. There will be an area just in front of the Church for drop off / parking and assembly. Toilets in the church. Induction of people who have chosen the full 11 mile walk. We hope to be sent on our way after a few words from the Mayor of Milton Keynes.

Ecumenical Church

The Centre for Integrated Living, English Language House and Explicit Solutions are permanent tenants, but a whole range of community groups, churches and others use the building on a regular or occasional basis. We are open seven days a week. On Monday–Saturday the doors are open 8.00 am–8.00 pm, although many meetings and events go on later into the evenings.

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