Amazing Pilgrimage

A Pilgrimage walk for the common good.

St Laud's

Sherington has the only Church in England known to be dedicated to Saint Laud (St. Lo). In France there is a town of St. Lo in Brittany which was badly ravaged by allied bombing in 1944, a railway station in Paris and a college at Angers which share his name, as well as other places. Little is known of St Laud.

Laud was a Bishop of Coutances from 529 AD until his death in 568 AD. His claim to fame appears to have been that he was "one of the most energetic prelates of his day". The fact that a later Bishop of Coutances owned lands at nearby Tyringham after the Norman Conquest helps us to understand the unusual dedication

The Amazing Pilgrimage 15/9/19 Third Start point

On the Day of the Pilgrimage

Section Newport Pagnell to St Laud's Church Sherington is 2.4 miles (1 hour), arrival time approximately 12:30am. Stop for meet and greet around the church. Snacks and drinks available. It is anticipated that there will be a joint service with Sherington and a Milton Keynes community prior to the arrival of the walkers. Information boards about the Charities the event is supporting and other famous Pilgrimages. Music program and Toilets in the church. Induction of people who have chosen the 3.3 mile walk option.

Early Church History 1140 - 1171

Until 1140 the local church belonged to the Lord of the Manor, who at that time was William de Sherington. However, about 1140 William gave the church and its associated land to the newly established Tickford Priory. This action was similar to that of other landowners about that time, as they believed it would lead to the salvation of their souls.

About 30 years later, there seems to have been pressure to confirm the gift in writing before the heir-apparent King Henry, son of King Henry II. William wrote a letter (reproduced below) to King Henry apologizing for being unable to attend in person, but stating that his gift to the monks at Tickford had been made with the authority of the Bishop of Lincoln and David the archdeacon of Buckinghamshire.

The gift was subsequently confirmed in December 1170 before King Henry and his barons at his royal court at Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

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